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Thread: Pingsoddit - Rod Cap Nut

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    Icon11 Pingsoddit - Rod Cap Nut

    Reassembling my scrap PRV to consolidate two boxes of bits, and one of the connecting rod cap nuts disappeared forever into a factory wall. Think they're M91.


    Are there any external 9mm nuts on the motor, or at least less buried - so I can rob a nut for the time being? Want to have the shortblock buttoned up tomorrow. Any other shonky suggestions?

    Thanks, Adam.

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    Just pull the wall apart and find it....

    When I was on the "mouse wheel" one of our clients was a manufacturing jeweller. He was based in an older shop with timber floor in South Yarra.

    I went there to do service on the alarm system and found the two owners pulling up the jarrah floor. A $10k gem for a remodelling job had bounced off the bench and was nowhere to be found. They surmised it had fallen through a crack in floor.

    After floor was stripped to joists and the gem not found. The 20 yo shop assistant walked in and saw the glint of a gem, wedged into the drawer handle of the adjacent desk.

    It would have been very un cool to have smirked, so I went into the front of the shop.
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    ^ Good story !

    I lost some conrod cap nuts from a 504 but couldn't find any the same. It was many years ago, but if I recall correctly they were either a different pitch or longer nuts.

    Why not go to a nut and bolt store, if you think they might be ordinary high tensile nuts ? You can take off another and use it as an example...

    I trust you were being flippant You don't want to do anything remotely shonky around conrods.

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