Problems with my electric handbrake on the Koleos.
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    Default Problems with my electric handbrake on the Koleos.

    Anyone had problems with their electric handbrake? We bought a New Koleos in 2009 and have had it serviced at our local Renault specialist. Last year out of the blue with bells and whistle blaring on the Das it would not start. Dash said we had a problem with the handbrake and under no circumstances to start the car, not that we could anyway. Read the manual which said to manually disengage to handbrake whicph was in the boot floor. This enabled us to drive the car until we could get to the service dept. They said it was a battery on the way out even though we had no other warning of this. They couldn't for some reason clear the fault even though the handbrake was now working. Months passed but still the fault showed on the dash along with the spanner and no problems with the handbrake. Last week took it in for a service and $1000 later still fault showing. Now over it and took it back to have the fault cleared once and for all and low and behold I no longer have a handbrake at all now. Dash flashes STOP vehicle after I am parked and still flashes " check handbrake". Service centre are not taking any responsibility and now looks like I'm up for the cost of a new handbrake kit to be installed. I took my car in with a perfectly working handbrake albeit with a warning still on the dash and left with no handbrake at all and now more warnings. At my wits end.


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    Sorry to see you've wound up on the Forum with a tale of woe. It does seem the dealer is now ducking responsibility for the problem they haven't addressed thoroughly.

    Most electronic handbrakes have a separate control module that's in communication with the main body computer and engine control systems - it may be that the battery failing has scrambled the chain of command or resulted in something not working as designed. And yes, sometimes these failures require new parts.

    I'd suggest having a chat to Colliers Automotive - not close, but they do have current experience and for an independent agent, some remarkably good sources of dealer level information on diagnosis and repair. I have no affiliation with them at all - haven't been in their door for ten years as my interests lie elsewhere. Hope you can get over this hump in enjoyment of ownership soon.

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    Low battery voltage produces all kinds of computer generated complaints. I have found that stopping and restarting the vehicle after some minutes of driving (usually at the first traffic light) seems to reset the car computer and any previously displayed faults disappear. Battery voltage seems to be critical. Was your battery replaced?
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    I've seen something similar before with stated the low battery voltage or a failing battery gives strange computer glitches.
    Last one I did the handbrake computer configuration had changed....not sure if it was back to its factory default setting but it wasn't the spec of the car, after resetting it all worked fine, and it had to have a new battery too.

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