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    Default Update on 15 Year Rule

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is some more info RE: 15 Year Import Rule.

    I know that this may not seem to be hughly important to members of this forum but remember this rule applies to cars 15+ yo from all countries, not just Japan, and as such will enable the importation of European cars never released in Australia eg Pug 106 GTI, Saxo, Clio Williams, 205 T16 (for those lucky enough to find and afford one) in the years to come.

    Submissions were supposed to have ended on 29.2.04 but due to great number of responses submissions will remain open until 30.3.04.

    IMPORTANT -- Please go to the following link to read a full 30 page submission that rips the ridiculous DOTARS "Regulation Impact Statement" to pieces.


    STEP 1 - Read and reply to the DOTARS letter
    The Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) has sent out a ridiculous letter (January 2004) outlining their faulty reasoning of why the 15 year rule should be scrapped. Included in it is a form to fill in and send back (note that you can't find a copy of any of this on their web site).

    It may not be that effective, as they have obviously already made up their mind about what they want -- their paper is clearly misleading on several issues. But it doesn't take long to do, and will help in the official statistics when they are compiled. They probably won't take much notice of the 'survey' they are doing if it disagrees with the trade barrier they want to implement, but it's worth a shot. It can also be emailed in.

    Feel free to use any comments out of the submission, plus whatever else you can think of.

    You can either send in their form (unaltered) or the updated one (as .doc, as .txt) that includes an extra option --

    Option 4. Make no changes to the current arrangements - ie. Option 1.

    Plus change SEVS so that -

    1. There is no quota for each RAW, ie. scrap the 100 limit.
    2. Modified vehicles can be complied.
    3. Each individual RAW application can cover a range of engines and variations of a model.
    4. Allow damaged and previously repaired vehicles to be imported, though require them to be identified as such, so that any downstream buyer will be aware.
    5. Allow for individuals to apply for the Import Approval, not just RAWS (who will still do the compliance work).
    6. Tyres only need to be changed if they are not roadworthy

    This can be done easily via email, letter, or fax, to:

    Mr Ross Docherty
    Vehicle Safety Standards
    Department of Transport and Regional Services
    GPO Box 594

    or facsimile to: 02 6274 7714
    or e-mail to: [email protected]

    Step 2 - Write a letter / phone the politicians who might be able to do something about it.
    The politicians that control the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) should be far more open to understanding the problems consumers have with restrictive trade than DOTARS themselves.

    The three main ones to either write to or phone (e-mail isn't very effective with politicians) are:


    The Hon J. D. Anderson MP
    Member for Gwydir
    Parliament House

    He is -
    The Deputy Prime Minister
    The Minister for Transport and Regional Services
    The Leader of the Federal National Party

    The Hon J. W. Howard MP
    Member for Bennelong
    Parliament House

    He is -
    The Prime Minister
    Leader of the Federal Liberal Party

    The Hon M. A. J. Vaile MP
    Member for Lyne
    Parliament House

    He is -
    Deputy Leader of the Nationals
    Minister for Trade
    And a vocal supporter of free trade. Currently negotiating our free trade agreement with the USA.

    Write them a letter telling them your views on the proposed change, and why you think the change should not go through. As in Step 1, feel free to copy anything from the submission.

    If you haven't got time to write to them, phone them. You will not get through to them at Parliament House, but their electoral offices are -

    The Hon J. D. Anderson MP - Tel : (02) 6742 3155, Fax : (02) 6742 1840

    The Hon J. W. Howard MP - Tel : (02) 9816 1300, Fax : (02) 9816 1349

    The Hon M. A. J. Vaile MP - Tel : (02) 6584 2411, Fax : (02) 6584 2411

    The more people that we can get to do this, the better the chance we have of stopping the DOTARS making the changes.

    Step 3 - Contact the ACCC
    There is no doubt that the ACCC is firmly against the type of behaviour Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) is supporting. You just have to read any of the papers by Professor Allan Fels, who was Chairman Trade Practices Commission at the time. Many of these papers are available on the ACCC website.

    The main problem with asking them to be involved is the fine line between domestic competition policy and trade policy. But it can't hurt and you can do it quickly and easily online.

    Either ring them on 1300 302 502, or contact them through their contact page, or their complaints page.

    Step 4 - Contact as many people as you can and tell them about the proposed change, and get them to complain as well

    Step 5 - Either register and be active on the www.r34skyline.com website forums and other enthusiast forums such as www.skylinesdownunder.com.

    A great deal of thanks is due to www.r34skyline.com which has worked solidly over the last week to prepare and get all the necessary information online.

    If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.
    Kind Regards
    David aka Scotchopper

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    Looks like the only way I'm going to get a R25 V6 Turbo or R21 T Quadra is to go live in Europe for a year (or import a crate load of bits and use a local shell) What a bunch of ******s DOTRS is - its amazing such blatant idiocy and hypocrosy is allowed....
    I tried to drown my sorrows in alcohol, but the bastards learnt how to swim

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