Wheels this month have a 'Dead Man Walking' column in their price guide section. It's about models still in production well pay their prime.

Interesting reading to me. Had no idea the first generation Ford Ka was still in production, nor the 49 year old Hilman Hunter, as a ute.

Of interest to us French fanatics though is the Peugeot 405 still coming off the production line in Iran, or the Clio 2 still built in Columbia (original front) and Argentina as the Clio Mio with the new Renault corporate snout stuck on. Counting the original Clio 2 and the 2009 Moroccan facelift the Clio 2 came with four unique noise cones.


Wheels weren't too keen on the latest version, the Clio Mio with the new corporate nose. I quite like it. I'm less keen on the 1998-2001 Clio dash and interior it still has, the 1.2 lies engine and the obvious cost curing with a lot more exposed panels in the interior.