Have finally realized.. saving from scrap could be a hobby from here on in...
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Thread: Have finally realized.. saving from scrap could be a hobby from here on in...

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    Default Have finally realized.. saving from scrap could be a hobby from here on in...

    A realization which has been sometime slowing coming has dawned more fully this week, I don't like really old cars.. In the process of getting the wife a new car, her 10 year old VW Golf passed onto my sister and in turn her low mileage 1999 Lanos passed on our nephew, so a bit of time spent with both of these in my custody.

    Yes the club plate scheme is good but I find a yen for a car 15 to 20 years old or less, perhaps one that still drives quite well. it's at the balance point of it's like where unless special the cost of keeping it on the road is close to it's value. Most cars of this age have a/c, good brakes, you might have to wind the windows on some, most have EFI....


    So time to forget about club plates, a whole world of relatively cheap cars is at my disposal, the experience of driving them and owning them might only be fleeting. Perhaps few other people even want them. So cars in mind? An XM for example, an Alfa 164, before they all disappear, any post 1986 Mercedes. I think my BX and CX days (both of which I've driven) have passed. Other Citroens? Good Xantias are hard to find. 2000 onwards C5s are common.

    In an ideal world a partner in crime, a co-owner would be good, so the "experience" would be even cheaper" Like some of the English Classic car magazine writers (Martin ???) these 15-20 year old cars could be daily drivers. You certainly wouldn't have too much money tidied up.

    The sort of cars I have in mind are in very nice nick but perhaps at a point in time where they are unloved.. so under our care for a season or two would be a bit like giving a home to a stray cat. Of having a guide dog puppy for a year. The ownership could be very fleeting before they are "flipped". Restoration? Nah.. more like a good wash and tidy up. If a car needs more than this, it's not for me..

    Late 1930s American, 1950s and 60s Holdens, 1960s and 70s Valiants and Peugeot, 1980s Toyotas, Porsche, 1990 Nissans and Mazda, 2000-2015 VWs and lots late model Peugeot rental cars have passed through my hands either owned or driven. Yes would love to fill in some of the experience gaps... hire or own a veteran and/or a 1920s car. Plenty of classic sports cars to hire in England and a fleet of T Model Fords in Yellowstone Park..
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    HI mon amie
    Great thoughts and something I have sort of done a bit. The ME generation is mostly not interested in cars and certainly not ones which are not "connected" so really the natural market for those cars has evaporated. Most young people seem to start with new cars too.

    So the field is open really. Go for it. The chance to drive those interesting cars which you thought about but never had the time or money for before !! Carefull buying should get some good ones, perhaps a couple of bushes or a joint may fix a clunk that 'the mechanic' has deemed not worth repairing. Then just enjoy for a while.

    Just do not try to sell it again on AF. No one here wants a cheap car, from my experience !

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    My gs has met that need but 45 years old and less hassles than the electronic génération.
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    It's a buyers market. As Jaahn has pointed out a lot of young people now opt for a new car as their first and why wouldn't they? $16,000 will buy you a new, cheap, reliable, safe run-a-bout with all the bells and whistles this younger generation crave and 3-5 years fixed price servicing, but it's not just the young, every one is doing it.
    The last few years have seen record sales in new cars, as a result, the used car market is flooded with cheap cars and there in lies the problem with your plan J'aime la vie, to buy these cars you mention will be easy enough, but when it comes time to sell them on, you might be in for a long wait.
    I recently went through the process of buying a car with my 17yo son. This car had been sitting on the footpath up the street for a good 3 months. My son was interested in it the minute he saw it, but did not have the cash or a job that would pay for it's up keep at the time.
    As the months went by the price gradually drop to the point where with a bit of haggling, my son might be able to afford it.
    So we gave the number a call, went for a test drive and found the car was in very good condition mechanically.
    The seller was the second owner, he had bought it off a mechanic and this same mechanic had serviced the car every 10,000Km.
    The owner had spent $1400 on getting a legal sports suspension fitted 18 months ago, fitted a new legal sports exhaust and a fancy flip up stereo/dvd player (all the paper work was there to support his claims), all the stuff my son was (in time) going to do to it anyway AND the car is 17 years old. These were all signs to my son that he had to have it.
    The interior is in very good condition, A/C and cruise control that still work, all the car needed cosmetically was a polish.
    It had originally been advertised for $2000 with 6 months rego, we got it for $1000 with 3 months rego only needing a set of tyres to pass the next inspection.
    And this car is a VS II Commodore! A popular car with the hoon and bogan brigade, but it still took 3 months for the seller to find the right buyer.
    Imagine how long it would take to sell on one of those perceived unreliable french things?
    Cheers Renomad

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    Those unreliable French things are worth more than a $1000 in parts when you strip them

    Couldn't sell a RWC Registered R15 for $400 but got around $1100 in parts over 2 years
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    Go for it ... join all the "scrapper" and "buy and sell" type facebook groups. The vast array of machinary out there is incredible. Old worsleys and austins in staggering original condition are worthless.

    anything people want ... eg: muscle cars... anythign with a performance type brand name (eg porsche) is worth lots of $$$. The silly money someone will pay for an old v8 falcon just 'cos it wears the right ID tags is unbelievable.



    there's heaps there ... just take a look.


    something like this has appeal... and would be worth good money if you fixed rust ... left it "ratrod" ( ) style. Throw a new radiator, water pump, lights, indicators, bushes, ball joints at it .... and drive .... How often do you see a '38 Ford flathead V8 ute on the roads

    There's some amazing old Rovers that come up, often that weird cyclops nose model too.

    I'd give it another 20years ... you'll be able to buy anythign for nothing. You see when the average house block size is 400square ..... URRGGGHhhhh... and people don't refuse to live in the shitholes..... there is NOWHERE an old car can ever possibly be stored. Having a "toy" car, or wreck parked up in the backyard for decades will be a thing of the past.

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