Rental car upgraded from Golf to C5 HDI LX Estate
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    Icon13 Rental car upgraded from Golf to C5 HDI LX Estate

    I thought I was real lucky when my rental car in UK was upgraded from a Golf to C5 HDI LX Estate
    It was nearly new but it turned out to be crap.
    I am a Citroen person & have had may brilliant Cits but this was a dud.


    But Jeez I like motoring in the UK, now where you cruise on 180-200 Kph for long stretches on motorway without being jailed, or even noticed. Hell there were even people passing me!, I must have been driving slow!

    Diesel economy was ordinary about 35 mpg - until the info screen with all the data went kaput and I couldnt fget any more info. The BIG RED LIGHT used to come on from time to time saying STOP IMMEDIATLY - BRAKE FAILURE it was lying of course. How does Citroen get away with decades of dud electrics? Worst problem was trying to settle the wife down when the BIG RED LIGHT came on on the Motorway at 2 am middle of Pommy winter miles from anywhere. Light eventually went away!
    The ride was crap, the turning circle was crap, the comfort was basic.

    But I am glad to have tested a C5 to extremes that you would probably never see here. Now I know I wouldnt buy one.
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