For French car owners with BMW as second car
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Thread: For French car owners with BMW as second car

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    Icon5 For French car owners with BMW as second car

    Need to be aware of this for your BMW security. Unless you endorse an open doors policy

    BMW Update Kills Bug In 2.2 Million Cars That Left Doors Wide Open To Hackers - Forbes

    German car manufacturer BMW has issued a security patch over the air to its vehicles, after the emergence of a vulnerability that would have allowed hackers to open doors using just a mobile. BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini vehicles were all affected as the problem was resident in the Connected Drive service, which allows drivers to control functions like doors and infotainment from their smartphones, according to German driver association ADAC.

    ADAC vice president for technology, Thomas Burkhardt, said in a statement that it discovered the vulnerability last year, but didn’t want to warn the public until a fix had been issued by BMW. ADAC said it hadn’t seen any proof the flaw was exploited in the real world, though it had tested attacks successfully “on several vehicles”. More than 2.2 million vehicles were thought to have been affected. Vehicles with a production date later than 9 December 2014 won’t have to worry, however, whilst owners don’t have to do anything; the updates are automatic. They were due to go out to all cars by 31 January.

    ADAC didn’t provide much detail on the attack, other than to say it would only take a few minutes for a hacker to execute. According to Reuters, researchers at the association created a fake cell network which it used to trick the BMW vehicles into taking commands from their mobiles.


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    You havent' seen anything yet .... Do you feel like dropping $200,000 on a new Range rover ?

    I Hope You Don?t Own a Range Rover

    Shane L.
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    Citroen is immune from hackers and thieves. It repels them like shaking hands in a leper colony.

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    So the 'Break My Windows' instruction will no longer apply!
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