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    Default Battery Registration

    While reading my copy of "Royalauto", the magazine of RACV, I came across an article entitled "Best Battery Care". While mostly a plug for their overpriced battery supply service it mentioned battery registration.
    The article went on to explain that some modern vehicles have intelligent charging systems that gauge the age and state of charge of the battery and modify charging output accordingly. After the failure of an old battery the charging system has to be registered or the charging system will overcharge the new battery and considerably reduce the battery's life.
    They offer a "Registration" service for $30 on top of the cost of a new battery.
    Is this "Registration" required on any French cars or is it another money grabbing Furphy?


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    It sounds feasible. There might be something in it although the RACV just whacked a new battery in Mrs L's Megane Cabrio without offering any registration. Maybe it was included in the price.
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    I think they are referring to the engine computer controlling the alternator charge voltage. Other things can be added, like speeding up idling when the battery is low. BMW and Mini certainly have this, and I think that Peugeot does also. You'd have to look for the computer control cables on the back of the alternator to confirm this.

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    Hi guys, sounds very feasible as we have similar situations where I work on Scania buses where some electronic components when replaced aren,t recognised by one of many,usually about 6,computors on the buses and have to have their part no logged onto the appropriate computer to be recognised so as to operate, ah for the days at Renault Australia working on brand new 404,s,504,s,10,s
    12,s and16,s,sometimes the brain backspace does work. jim

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