New Agreement in Aust for sharing of Service and Repair Information - will it work?
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    Default New Agreement in Aust for sharing of Service and Repair Information - will it work?

    On 15th December 2014, the "Agreement on Access to Service and Repair Information for Motor Vehicles" was signed by leading Australian automotive industry and consumer groups.

    Hopefully it's a step in the right direction for minor players in the automotive industry to be able to access repair information, which has previously been withheld or restricted, in my opinion, by many manufacturers in Australia. For instance the "Renault Tech" service, which last time I looked, was only available to repairers in the EU. Maybe they will just make this available to Aust consumers now, even if it is only to bona fide repairers, although I can't see why any consumer should be restricted - as long as they pay for it.

    Reading some of the various players comments and media releases though, shows there is still that reluctance by the manufacturers to share the info. Somehow they are bringing the subject of non-genuine parts into the argument, to confuse the issue.


    There are a number of media releases on the subject, just look at AAAA (Aust Automotive Aftermarket Assoc), AADA (Aust Automotive Dealer Assoc), FCAI (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) to get somewhat conflicting views of what this agreement is about.

    This link from a European organisation is a lead-in:
    Global ?Right to Repair Campaign? bears fruit in Australia | Figiefa

    I personally don't mind paying a nominal amount to access the information, and I get pretty peeved when the information is just not available in Australia, even for Australian made vehicles. I understand that the logistics of printing Workshop Manuals is just not viable in this day of the computer, but it has certainly made it easy for the manufacturers to restrict info to their own dealer network.

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    Same crap again. Every time I asked for repair manuals for the Koleos, I was directed to there by VDA and when I said you got no response WHATSOEVER, they said well that's all we can offer you.

    You buy a car but can't buy repair manuals? !???!?!?!?!

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    I battled with others, to keep the subscription side of PSA's repairer portal open in Australia. Fortunately, they have maintained it thus far. It would be good if Renault owners had similar access at a fair price. You couldn't say $8/hr is unreasonable.

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