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    Default Queensland Transportation!

    Hi all!

    I'll be working on the sunshine coast for January and February. My accommodation might be up to 25km from my work place.

    I'm working through options for transport! Too and from work is the primary concern, but being able to get around on the weekend is a close second.

    Public transport - Buses appear to be regular, but not necessarily frequent, and give me a travel time of 1.5 hours each direction, including walking.


    Bicycle - Useful for pottering around, but I'm not up to 50kms of riding a day. I could buy a bike in Queensland, or send my UE8 up from Sydney.

    Rental Car - Useful for the occasional weekend, but I'm not getting paid enough to justify that money for every day. Also, toyota/nissan/hyundai

    Buy/Sell Scooter - Spend a small amount of money on a 50cc scooter, and then sell it when I'm done. Though, max speed ~50km/h, and I'm not keen on taking that 25km along the 100km/h route available to Maroochydore. Or south to Brisbane. Not safe, and a menace to the other road users. So similar use to a bicycle, but more money, and faster.

    E.g. peugeot ludix snake scooter 50 cc | Scooters | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South West - Yeerongpilly | 1065397846

    Buy/Sell Car - Pug. Obviously! (The registered Citroens are too expensive!) Registered enough to sell later, and cheap. This option has the most benefits, but is also the most expensive, possibly even being outside my budget.

    E.g. 1995 Peugeot 405 SRI Sedan | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Redland Area - Redland Bay | 1064966183

    1999 Peugeot 206 Hatchback | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast City - Surfers Paradise | 1065304483

    Thoughts and advice?

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    Go and see Gerald Cullen in Nambour. He is a Pug/Cit dealer and usually has some older/cheaper cars around.
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    Dousnt seem to be any indication ,on either add ,of the cam belt service ,which ,depending were you take it can be as much as you are paying for the car ,if the cam belt fails the motor is toast ,and your $1500 car is worth scrap money ,a trap for young players .pugs

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