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    Default 206 convertible

    Advice please
    I am looking at purchasing a 2005 206 convertible with 80,000 kms on the clock. It is in immaculate condition and is being sold at a dealers on consigent for$6500. There is no warranty but I can pay $1000 for a warranty for a year. It has had the timing belt done and has a history of servicing. It drives very nicely.
    Does anyone know how I could get it looked at by a peugeot specialist before Christmas as we are from Port Macquarie. The car is in the Westmead area.If i can't get it looked at by a specialist do you think I could take the risk or should I definetely get at least a 65 point check by the NRMA


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    Welcome, you'll be deluged by opinions in due course.

    Have you done a quick surf of Carsales or similar searching convertibles up to $7500 asking price? The Pug is a nice car but against it is the relative age - insurable value should be checked in case you pay $700/yr in premiums and they'll only value it at (say) $6000.

    I'm no fan of aftermarket warranties. Most require authorisation of a larger repair before it can proceed - be sure to read the fine print.

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    I also am not a fan of aftermarket warranties. Most are offered by one particular company, and the fine print is something else.

    Other than that, I really enjoy my 206, it's not the CC but they have a lot in common.

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    I once bought an after-market warranty. Most are offered by insurance companies, and have an excess ($100-$250 per claim). The problem is they only pay for the one bit to get fixed, not associated work. Some also only have a schedule of fees, and pay that rather than what it actually costs.

    My warranty was on a Suzuki Vitara, and something needed replacing. It was over $800, and the insurance company only covered about $280 (less my $100, so only $180). They wouldn't pay to plane the head before putting it back together.

    I'd say save your $1000, being 2005 and 80,000 does it still have a statutory warranty for 3 months or so? That covers more.

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    There are three versions of the 206CC for 2005: a 1.6 manual, a 1.6 auto and a 2.0 manual.

    The 1.6 auto is a bit of a slug in terms of performance (0-100km/h in 12.5s), and the 1.6 manual should be bearable (0-100 in 10.7s). The best car is of course the 2.0 manual (0-100 in 8.9s) with the same engine as the 206 GTi. It's also the most expensive.

    Redbook has a list of assumed prices and km for the car: link

    Just click on each of the three to see what they think each is worth.

    No idea about how to get an inspection done, but I'd certainly want to make sure the roof worked ok before buying it.

    I'd imagine the NRMA could arrange for this sort of thing, but it would obviously cost you some money.


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    The closest peugeot specialist I know is Colliers Granville, and they're closed until next year I believe. Worst time of the year to buy or rego a car is this time! Everyone goes on holiday!

    In any case check both front seats for all their functions, lift and slide. They go fairly easily.
    Another thing bound to fail if not already is the steering stalk unit. Karate chop the steering wheel while the car is on, look for things that turn on that shouldn't, indicators, head lights etc. Check their functions simultaneously, high beam during indicating etc. If not then that's easily a $230 (ebay purchase) to $1000 local purchase fix.

    On the forums there are more detailed posts on what to look for when buying a 206, you should look out for the same stuff including what simon suggested

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