Driver training courses in Brisbane
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    Default Driver training courses in Brisbane

    Hi all,

    A mate of mine in Brisbane wants to do a driver training course up there - something like the Ian Luff courses down here. Any suggestions for good places to go?




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    Try "Roadcraft" they have one place at Gympie & used to have one at Lakeside.
    One of the first in the business & do a lot of business & Government drivers.
    An old mate of mine the late George Kahler, former Rally champion was deeply involved.
    I spoke to them at length a couple of years ago after which the school that the boys went to organised a day down there for the year 12s which went down well.
    If he has three mates to go with him, they do organise a special deal for groups of 4.
    Kevin Bartlett was supposedly being coerced into an involvement with an outfit across the road from Willowbank but as yet I don't think that has been finalised.

    Alan S
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