XM ceasing to proceed on Warrego.......
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Thread: XM ceasing to proceed on Warrego.......

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    Default XM ceasing to proceed on Warrego.......

    Was barrelling down the Warrego this afternoon, on my way home to Ipswich from Gatton. Plenty of traffic, but all moving at the speed limit.
    As I got to the Walloon turn-off, I spotted the unmistakable shape of a dark green XM sitting up on the centre median strip, hazards flashing, and sitting squat on it's haunches.
    I thought gees, I can't just drive past a Citroen without offering to help, so I did a u-turn and went back to see if I could offer any assistance.....i.e. a lift, or the use of my car trailer etc.
    It was a young RAAF fellow sitting in the driver's seat. I said that I've got Citroens myself and asked if there was anything I could do to help. He said he'd dropped the belt to the hydraulic pump......bummer.
    He'd organise a tow, and I asked him if he was on Aussiefrogs. He said he "used to have membership", so I'm thinking maybe he's never heard of Aussiefrogs, lol. I said to him he should check out Aussiefrogs.com. Maybe that gave him something to do on his smartphone while he waited for his tow.
    Even with the oxidised paint, the XM is still a smart looking car after all these years.

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    Good to see there are still some 'gentlemen' around CarNut.
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    I remember breaking down in North Sydney in my CX Prestige about 8 years ago.....I can't remember exactly what the problem was, but I seem to remember a wire had broken where it had been threaded through behind the air-con compressor, and was shorting out where it couldn't easily be seen. The old girl ceased to proceed right out front of a trendy looking bar where lots of suits and frocks were winding down after a hard day at the office.
    When they saw the old Cit out in the traffic, about a half dozen guys ran out to help, pushing the old girl to the safety of a quiet alley while the tow truck was summoned. I couldn't help but wonder if we'd have been rendered the same volume of assistance if we'd been in an old Commodore or Falcon! The sweet German girl that I was with at the time was quite shocked that so many volunteers rushed to our aid so quickly.
    But I think there's merit in the saying "what goes around comes around". A few years previous, I'd been on my way home to Ipswich from a property that I had at Glenore Grove (about halfway between Ipswich and Toowoomba). As I pulled out onto the highway at Plainland, I noticed a VP Commodore on the westbound side of the highway, and elderly man standing by his car while his wife sat inside. From the angle of the car, I guessed that they had a flat tyre.
    So I drove a kilometre or two up the highway to where I could turn around, and drove back to see if I could help. The elderly gent said that he'd been over to the phone box (I guess he didn't have a mobile) and had rung the RACQ a few minutes before. So I unloaded the boot and got the spare wheel out, then changed the tyre for them. I said they'd be waiting ages for the RACQ and that I might as well do it for them and then they could be on their way again.
    They were gob-smacked, lol, and the lady even offered to give me $20 for my trouble but I said sometimes it's just nice to be able to help a stranger, and it is.
    I think most people probably feel the same way but, these days, we don't always have the time to have the opportunity to do so.
    I hope the poor bugger with the XM didn't have to wait too long for the tow truck......but then again, the towies usually get to accidents before the POLICE, lol, so he probably didn't end up waiting long.
    When I broke down in Sydney, the first truck that came was one of the old style with the bars out the back but the guy couldn't get them under the car as it had already dropped to the ground by the time he got there. So he had to call a tilt tray. I can just imagine him thinking "bloody foreign cars" lol............

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    At least replacing that belt on a 12v XM is one that you can do relatively easily. No hoist or extra special tools required.

    Mind you, all jobs on XMs are "relative"...

    Good on you for helping.
    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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