Anybody know where i can get a manual for a Citroen C5 X7?
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Thread: Anybody know where i can get a manual for a Citroen C5 X7?

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    Default Anybody know where i can get a manual for a Citroen C5 X7?

    Im desperate, as have nearly sealed the deal on a sweet low km C5 X7 BUT i cannot find a manual for this car online. The car has a faulty tailgate and am told by a "reputable" service centre which checked the car in NSW that its the wiring harness shorting out HRMMMMmmmm.... not sure if this is normal ? problem is the dealer is in NSW and im in victoria and need the car ASAP and cant wait the 3 weeks parts will take to arrive there. If its shorted wiring, i can fix it as im an electronics tech BUT i need a manual to know or can someone help me?


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    I have two, but they are in French.

    Citroen have one free online at Carnets de Poche for the 2008 x7 model, with all the motors then used, ie up to the DW10B. It does only mechanical stuff. no body fittings, no wiring.

    Revue Technique Automobiles have a paid for manual at ...

    Haynes don't do an X7.

    Lastly, join up to Service Citroen and get parts diagrams etc. For a fee you can get the rest. CitroŽn Service. English is available.
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    Hi chris,
    You could try this. I had an earlier version of this some years ago. It is actually the information off the Service Citroen official site. Bit hard to use but that's the French way

    Citroen Service BOX 5 2012 TIS EPC WDS THE Newest | eBay

    Or you could go to the actual Service Citroen site log in and pay for the information by the hour as has been suggested. It will take some time to learn to navigate there just like the CDs but you can do them at your leisure ! CDs also have the parts diagrams etc for ALL models just like the official site.

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