The orders taken at the Paris Show will trickle through in November and December registration figures. The October results were poor, blamed on the economic situation and an unwillingness to commit to capital purchases by the public, whose employment continuity is fragile.

Registrations were 3.8% down on last year. It mainly hit the importers. Peugeot were down 1.2% and CitroŽn 3.4%. Renault branded cars were down 2.1% but their Dacia was up 6.8% and Nissan up 15.3%.

On the other hand GM was down 21.5%, Toyota down 15.9%, BMW down 12.2%, Hyundai down 8%, VW down 4.8% and Ford down 6.8%. Only Mercedes of the imports did a little better and were up 1.5%.

The numbers don't tell the whole story. There is a model choice difference as the market looks for cheaper motoring and the scene favours those companies with good profit margins on basic vehicles. That means Renault with its partners are well positioned in France but PSA has to look elsewhere for its margins from the DS marque, which they are doing with China.