2 wheels in town
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    Default 2 wheels in town

    The scooter market is booming in France again. Not the Vespa style but the one foot on, one foot kicking the pavement variety. It is solving the last km problem for those using public transport. They are capable of 10kmh but the electric versions are supposedly limited to 6Kmh. There are versions for going to work that fold behind a rigid brief case and are easily carried on the Metro.
    The push bike is also being reborn with electric propulsion. This new one is capable of 100kmh.
    VéloCité, le vélo électrique qui peut atteindre les 100 km/h
    although I do not think that I am.

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    Gerry, i was watching french satellite news and they did a report on the one foot on type,the one with the front case was a good
    idea, also had a bit showing the piles of scooters outside a school waiting for the kids to ride home.

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    It's good exercise,too.

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    one of our grandchildren recently acquired a scooter made by Micro.
    Swiss design, Chinese made, they do all sorts, for children, adults, and hipsters of course.
    I'm intrigued by the ones that have two wheels in front, with heel brake on the back wheel.
    the steering setup is ingenious, and works in a very intuitive way.
    if I still lived in the city I'd be tempted.

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