scrap metal?
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Thread: scrap metal?

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    Default scrap metal?

    hi guys

    i'm wondering if anyone can recommend a place in sydney for decent scrap metal pickup. My house doesn't have junk lying around. Speaking of which if anyone is after a ~1.6m diameter satellite dish it's yours for free. shoot me a pm.


    im after stuff like metal poles (for extending my breaker bar) and just other random bits of metal I could take for other purposes when doing odd jobs around the house.

    I called and did some googling and most seem to be closed on sunday.

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    Don't remind me!


    Hornsby Scrap Metal might suit. They refill barbecue gas bottles too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addo View Post
    Hornsby Scrap Metal might suit. They refill barbecue gas bottles too.
    Take that sat dish and a gas bottle and you can make the worlds largest wok.
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    I noticed on the news tonight that some clown totalled his week old Lambo. Him and his mate bought it for $300,000 a week ago.

    I think he said "It was fun while it lasted". He was happy that he and mate survived and the lady turning into her driveway in her SUV was also not hurt.

    Since only half of the car looked like a car, the rest looking like some rubbish in a metal scrapyard, I suggest speed MUST have been a factor and it was not the speed of the SUV (the coast probably looked clear for a kilometre before she started her turn into her driveway).

    You may see it on your rounds of the metal scrapyards.


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