Hi fellow froggers,
currently on a holiday in sunny Europe, lots of the new Pug 308 models on the streets, it is a very classy +goodlooking car. Renault Capturs are also obviously popular and its great to see they come in some happy bright colours, makes a change from black, silver and grey.
Took the opportunity to test drive an electric Renault Twizzy the other day, for what it is, cheap, basic and affordable transport for 2 people, it is awesome, surprisingly nippy although we haven't seen many on the road they are the perfect answer for the overcrowded european cities. Apparently Renault Australia have one sitting in the foyer of their headquarters in Melbourne . Typically our ADR's don't allow it in Australia, I would love one to replace my Yammy scooter !!.
Whilst driving the Twizzy we were overtaken by a new Citroen Cactus, good looking car, despite all the weird soft external airfilled padding.That name wouldn't really work in OZ I suspect.........lol
This trip we finally got to see the legendary Schlumpf Museum in Mulhouse, unbelievable ! with the feature being a HUGE collection of Bugatti's , including a jaw dropping room containing several Royale's....
Restored examples of Renault Dauphine, 4 and 16 models, Citroen DS +SM, Peugeot 203,403,404 and the highlight in the foyer a gorgeous Renault Alpine A110.......
Worth the time if you are in the area, as is the fantastic Peugeot Museum close by.