Driving a Z4 3.0 at the mo'
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    Default Driving a Z4 3.0 at the mo'

    Quick review #54
    Jeepers this is a good car. Really really quick, rides well, handles great, quick roof..... BMW's best car. Now for the French bit. I park it next to my wifes 405 Mi16, and the Peugeot is definitely whiter.
    The Z4 is a better and quicker car than an S2000, and I think nicer than a Boxster to drive, though not quite as sexy. Sadly the car has an auto tranny, however the Steptronic is incredibly good, and whilst I would rather have a manual, this auto is remarkably good.
    It's like a grown-up MX5.


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    Too right!

    Quite impressive to drive. I wouldn't mind a bit of time with one alone.

    Talking of MX5's, I've just returned from 2500 kms of a rental 03 model. Basically took the long way down to Mt Hotham and back. I'm still on cloud 9. MX5's are magic.

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