Deaths at Jim Clark Rally in Scotland - tragic crash
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    Icon9 Deaths at Jim Clark Rally in Scotland - tragic crash

    News just coming in pretty sparse at the moment that a Rally car spun out of control as it hit a hump in the road at high speed, striking spectators, some reports say the spectators should not have been in the area, but that is unconfirmed.

    Sad news indeed - looks like three dead at this time .


    Police are today working to remove the bodies of three people killed when a car ploughed into spectators at a rally.

    Three people are dead and two more are fighting for their lives after two separate crashes at the event in the Scottish Borders.

    The devastating collisions, which took place yesterday afternoon during the Jim Clark Rally, killed one woman and two men and left another two men in a critical condition.

    The fatal crash unfolded after a racing car careered into four spectators - just two hours after another car collided into five people at the same event.

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    having watched a fair bit of rally videos, i would suggest that spectators routinely stand in positions where they obviously should not (if they value their own lives). it is hardly a revelation! the rally world has a practice akin to letting spectators stand on the edge of the track at a V8 Supercar race.

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