Currently playing at the Palace Cinemas Spanish Film Festival but a certainty for a full commercial release, "Living is easy with eyes closed" tells the real life story of a very engaging Spanish English teacher who makes a road trip Almeria in Spain in the hope of meeting John Lennon whose there filming "How I won the war"

While apart from the very engaging leading actor and a great supporting cast, gorgeous Spanish scenery (some of the coastal roads looks like the Victorian Great Ocean Road in a Spanish setting), a heart warming funny story and a mid 1960s time capsule, the 4 wheeled stars of the show include a lovely little green Fiat 850 (called "Alfred" in the film credits) and a host of 2CVs and is it a AK350 2CV van with partly corrugated body panels and suicide front doors. Some mint Renault 750s, period VWs and a mid 1960s Fiat that looks a lot like a Peugeot 404 body wise. And of course John Lennons Rolls.

Definitely worth seeing!

For a taste there's a short trailer at:

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed | Spanish Film Festival 2014