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    Default Buying Interstate

    could anyone please give me any tips, advise in regards to buying a car interstate..transporting.. anything

    cheers in advance


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    Try the forum search function, this sort of thing has been asked before so im sure you will find something.

    Just type in interstate transport or purchase.


    p.s are you looking at getting a 205 from interstate??

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogue
    could anyone please give me any tips, advise in regards to buying a car interstate..transporting.. anything

    cheers in advance
    if the car is registered it's really simple
    you either get someone near the car to drive it over for you and then stick them on a train, plane or bus back home again
    or you jump on the phone and try and source out a car carrier going through where the car is or doing a backload and get them to throw the car on the truck
    this also goes for an unregistered car but they prefer the car to be running
    or you catch a plane, bus or train and drive it home yourself
    if the car is unregistered but roadworthy then you can get a permit to drive the car home
    then all you have to do when you get it home is transfer the rego to your state
    in some states you need to get a blue slip completed (ie NSW)
    other states i'm not so sure but i am sure others will know
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    You do have some hassles if the car is a private import - if it doesn't have a compliance plate there can be lots of hoops to jump through in some states to get it registered - I think there was thread about an Xm in SA that took weeks (if not months) to get registered.

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    NSW puts you through a lot of paperwork to register a car from interstate. It doesn't cost any more, but is a pain. I had to get the Micra's identity checked, even though it came from NSW and spent a year registered in QLD...
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