CIBIE Oscar replicas
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    Default CIBIE Oscar replicas

    I found these CIBIE Oscar replicas on Ebay, made by SIM in Portugal. They look good and the ad is convincing. They are expensive enough to take seriously, but a lot cheaper than CIBIEs. Anyone know if they are any good... or not?


    NEW SIM Spot Lamps Replica Cibie Oscar 7" Ford Escort MK1 MK2 Mini Rally CAR | eBay
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    Cant help you with that inquiry, but I found this one from Hervey Bay even more interesting, if expensive:-

    Cibie Super Oscar Driving Light Kit converted to 55W HID

    I have a good pair of Super Oscars which would benefit from HDI power , should make inquiry about upgrade to mine
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    The version you want is the Auscar.
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