how tired are you
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    Icon6 how tired are you

    just saw this ad on the box.
    I did the test, it said I was a bit slow. Just being careful...

    Test Your Tired Self


    Worth a try.
    Les W.

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    Did I do anything last night that suggested I was sane?

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    I filled out the details, accepted the terms and conditions and then tried the test. Nothing happened. I expect they have fallen asleep. If they were driving, they may have crashed and burned.

    I have a far better test that works in realtime. The 2CV accelerator pedal is metal, no rubber pad. Its actually shiny metal because it gets a lot of use. I have found that when I start to get tired, the foot slips off the accelerator and the car slows down. Brilliant. Born and built in the days when French lateral thinking was at its best.

    Now they have cars that are whisper quiet, have wonderful sound systems, climate control and cruise control. Some even have lane departure vibrators to rock you off to sleep as you run off the road.

    What was the test about?


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