Question , computer techs please help..
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    Icon9 Question , computer techs please help..

    Hi Froggies. In any forum like this there are plenty of knowlegable people who like to share information.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have the most annoying little problem that keeps recurring. I've never seen or heard anyone discussing this problem or it's solution.
    Curser failure. The f*~#ing thing just locks up, or disappears, usually during a writing exercise. It's bloody frustrating, because you have to reboot to get it back, and then try to find the "whatever" you were doing, and reconnect, then send.
    Does any tech head Froggie know a good method of improving the reliability of this frigging cursor??
    Help please....Cheers...George 1/8th...


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    What operating system? That'd help lots


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    are you running intelli mouse software by any chance ???
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    Could be a number of things causing it.

    You might have the incorrect keyborad setup. It should be set to America 101.

    Your keyboard might be incompatible with your system. It's not uncommon for some brands of keyboards to mees around with the tue order of the universe.

    Yes, as Pugrambo suggested, are you running Intelli Mouse?

    Is the keyboard connected by Serial, PS2 or USB?

    Check your device manager, you might have specific drivers that run your keyboard. This is all dependant on what type of keyboard you have. Check that the drivers are operating correctly.

    All in all, it looks like we need more info from you!
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