OT - Calling all Pool Owners.
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    Icon8 OT - Calling all Pool Owners.

    Moving into a new house in the new couple of weeks ... it's got a pool, which is great for WA but a PITA - didn't want a pool, but wanted the house

    Has anyone invested in a pool blanket ? Do they work ... can they be fitted to kidney shaped pools ?


    Thanx in Advance - XTC206 -
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    XTC, I've got a pool without a blanket and it's no problems unless you've got lots of vegetation around it...but if you HAVE, then yes, it will be a PITA!

    They aren't as much work as some people will have you believe, if you learn how to do it properly. If you have any questions, fire away!


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    I too had a pool once. Although I don't miss it, it really wasn't that big a deal keeping it clean. As long as you keep the water right, they are pretty easy. But, like Stuey said, vegitation will be a pain.
    I had a big old tree that liked dropping leaves and flowers in the pool, = clean one day, buggered the next.
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