US Memorandum of Understanding - Car makers agree to share info with Repairers
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    Icon14 US Memorandum of Understanding - Car makers agree to share info with Repairers

    Initially thought this was just the same thing that we in Australia have, in that use of other than the Manufacturers/dealers repair shop does not preclude warranty claims.

    But this seems to go a lot further.

    Link Automakers Agree to Fix Your Car Anywhere in ?Right to Repair? Pledge ? News ? Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

    Word for word, the MOU is nearly identical to the Right to Repair bill signed into Massachusetts law in November. It stipulates that automakers must make the same diagnostic and repair tools—specifically, the computerized tools essential to working on modern cars—available to independent shops as they are to dealers. They’ll have to offer aftermarket repair tools through licensed suppliers and ensure they’re sold on “fair and reasonable terms."Beginning in model year 2018, all automakers will be required to use one standard, non-proprietary interface for mechanics to plug into the car and read its service data, such as with an Ethernet or USB connection. Information to reset engine immobilizers and other factory electronic security systems must be available via an encrypted network (which, in most cases, is already widely used). And if automakers refuse to comply or their prices go sky high, a five-member panel representing both sides can be summoned to resolve the dispute. In return for these gestures, repair shops have agreed to quit lobbying for a federal “Right to Repair” law—which has been stalled in the House of Representatives since 2011—and convince other states such as New Jersey to kill similar bills.
    I'd just like to return to the years when you bought a car, you also had the option to purchase a complete set of Factory rather than after market manuals, and the standardisation of data readers sounds very handy too.



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    Interesting concept. As cars are now disposable items with a short "whole of life" there is no incentive for manufacturers to continue to manufacture proprietary parts to cover a period much beyond the vehicle's warranty period (5 Years for a good one). It is probably more lucrative to sell diagnostic and specialist repair equipment than spare parts. Parts come from the wreckers. Invest in wrecking yards in the future!
    Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone............

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