Car hire in Canberra?
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    Default Car hire in Canberra?


    I'm tossing around the idea of a quick trip to Canberra in March... looking to fly down on the cheap, but this would (of course) leave me with no car while I'm actually down there. Having been to Canberra previously, I'm thinking that automotive transportation is a must.


    So - any suggestions for a (cheap!) place to hire a car? I'm not overly fussed what I end up with so long as it go's... and the cheaper the better!


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    Icon7 Car hire

    Canberra is just as expensive as Sydney in my experience and some of the cheaper companies have very dodgy older cars.
    Last time I hired a car I did it online through a site that showed me all the various options for all the major players. Got a great deal on a Magna through Thrifty..even the Thrifty guy at the desk could not believe the online price they had to give me. Only risk is you have to book via CC online at least 48hrs before I think. Do a car rental search on and see how ya go.

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