Grand Prix track is magic for push-bikes.
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    Default Grand Prix track is magic for push-bikes.

    Dunno how many of you ride much. The track is dead smooth of course, sorta half closed off: therefore safe; with a bike lane. And cos the track goes round in a big fat circle(sorta) head-winds don't last long.
    The catch is that the ride ANTI-clockwise is stacks better than going the way the cars race (that way there are no turns across traffic).
    The lap length is just over 5 km's. As I am just overcoming a beer injury and still have a bit of swelling around the waist, 9 laps was enough (plus the 20 k's to and fro).
    Could we get anything going there next Sunday morning guys? Any interest?
    Donna? I could put you in my handle-bar basket if you can catch a flight out.


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    I would love to....but I am just too far up north from Melbourne....


    PS. Always love Smeagol with a full crop of hair
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