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    Icon8 University Entry Requirements

    I was in Careers Management yesterday afternoon on the UCAS website and found that as well as Coventry there was a car design course at Aston University. Coventry is the more famous uni for car design than Aston and what I don't understand is why Aston requires more from their students than Coventry.

    To get into Coventry you need at least 5 GCSEs at C or above and a couple of A Levels (not defining any particular area may I add) and for Aston you need at least a grade B at GCSE Maths.

    How come it's easier for me to get into Coventry then, bearing in mind it is a better institution?


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    Hi Donna, over here some uni's outside mjor areas generally have lower entry requirments as less people wish to do certain course, which in the main sities might be rather popular.. Therefore entry requirements are lower.

    Though you have said that coventry, is a better institution, it might be the demand for the course is less, leaving a lower entry requirement..

    Obviously being on the other side of that world, i could not say that for certain, just something i thought might be a reason. But generally you would think better institution = higher demand = Harder entry requirments..

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    Nothing like being sent to Coventry, Donna...

    Any thoughts lately on posting about French cars?

    Actually, my son attended (and I use that term advisedly...) the University of New England at Armidale for a couple of years. He drove my 504 Familiale up there some weeks too...

    Armidale is known for its chilly winters. In the brochure it says that they are 'invigorating'... not wrong!

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    I've driven both my Cits through Armidale - even stayed in Armidale one night on a trip in the DS. At the large motel on the south side of town. The restaurant there is VERY good.

    The road from Armidale up through to Toowoomba is lovely to drive in a D.

    Interestingly Ray, my sister went to UNE also. However she does not drive a French car, she drives one of those boring and completely reliable Japanese cars.
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