Has anyone played grand turismo 6
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    Default Has anyone played grand turismo 6

    I don't know how many af members play video games but this has made me pretty excited!


    I purchased it recently and become very excited when I entered the Renault dealer to find they finally put a gordini in the game! It's an 1135 r8! It even Sounds like one! They also have the stuff they've had in the last few like Alpine A110 and A310.
    Sorry for those that simply don't care but I'm over the moon!

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    yeah, I gave in today and bought it & wasted half a day playing it (The Quattro on the Bathurst track), just hope that a patch comes out that gives all the cars decent sound. Like the quattro on Dirt 3 is just spot on, this is a bit well ordinary.

    Sides from that, look at all the tracks its got

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    I have to say, for the first time I'm actually disappointed with a new Gran Turismo!

    On the plus side, the rendering of Bathurst not only feels right - it's just plain beautiful as well! Pity there are next to no cars that really 'go' with the track (historically). If I could do a lap in the '85 Walkinshaw XJS I'd be a happy man indeed!

    Apart from that - you may as well be playing GT5. It's the same (exact) cars - plus a smattering of 'new' ones. The Renault R8, the Dino and, suprisingly, the Firebird are worthy of note. The same tracks and the same general concept. And the vast majority of models that were current in GT5 haven't been updated for 6. So it doesn't even feel up to date!

    Where are the 'proper' renderings of the 'standard' cars? The Lotus Esprit still looks like it's got two bags of cement in the boot, the Aston DB7 is on stilts and the Alfa 156's face is falling off...

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