Thoughts on Slowing down
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    Default Thoughts on Slowing down

    While driving to brissy for my recent vacation I got booked for not slowing down fast enough.

    Can't complain really cause I was above the speed limit.

    Anyway usually when the speed limit reduces from say 100km/hr to 80 km/hr, do people take their foot off the gas and let the car slow down gradually or they brake until the car is doing the desired limit?

    I do the first option



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    when i see the sign i normally just take my foot off the gas and let the car slow down
    maybe a gear change as well depending on the speed drop
    why use the brakes
    i still have original brakes in the GTi-6 so it goes to show how rarely i use them out here in the bush
    the only time i hit the brakes coming into a slow speed zone is if someone is on front of me and they have hit the brakes
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    I usually take my foot off as I approach the change sign.

    Knowing how vigilant and unforgiving NSW coppers has managed to prevent me from filling their coffers.


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    Frankly, I would fight that charge as if my life depended on it...

    What a ridiculous thing to be booked for! I assume, of course, that you had dropped your speed to somewhere close to the speed limit of the area you were entering as you passed the sign?

    If not, then you should have been booked for speeding, not for slowing down too casually.

    I rarely use the brakes for speed limits, only down hills. Otherwise drop a gear and coast in, getting close to the limit as I pass the sign.

    To do otherwise is actually risking a charge of negligent driving... neglecting to take into account the cars behind you as you entered a lower speed limit area.

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    I got done for 65 in a 60 zone - 50 odd meters inside the 60 zone . I still had my foot on the brake and everything (work BA Wagon - those behemoths dont slow down on their own much). I queried it writing, stating that putting a speed camera so close to the 80 zone was a bit rude, but no joy.
    My own fault really for daydreaming and not spotting a very obvious speed camera
    I too just lift off approaching a slower area, but dont bother changing down - brake pads are cheaper than clutch/gearbox wear.

    But Rays got a point, that is a bullshit charge. Getting booked for speeding - fair enough, but coasting gently down into a slow area is better than slamming on the brakes!!
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    The law is to be doing the speed limit. So u have to be doing the speed at the sign.

    When going from a slower speed to a faster one u have to speed up to get to the listed speed?

    Does not work in the reverse situation.

    I know that i take ages to slow down sometimes in accordance to dropping speed limits, but its the way it goes. I will cop it i guess.

    As for not slowing down fast enough? guess the cops have a point? What is an acceptable point to slow down to the signed speed after the sign? 100m? 200m? 10m? I personally think that it seems logical that at the sign u should have slowed down to the desired speed?

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    hows this for a shifty cop...geez they'd to anything...
    Undercover SS Crappydore...With Green P Plates...who'd ever suspect that to be a police car?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MR206
    hows this for a shifty cop...geez they'd to anything...
    Undercover SS Crappydore...With Green P Plates...who'd ever suspect that to be a police car?
    That's interesting, one must ask the question of whether the Driver was on his/her green "P's"? If he/she was are they really capable of driving a "pursuit" vehicle (like any of them are anyway)? If they hold an unrestricted licence then they are comitting an offence as it's against the law to display L or P plates if the vehicle is driven by a full licence holder and vice versa.

    It'd be good to get a picture of this one and "leak" it to the media, especially given the current controversy in NSW regarding high speed pursuits.

    While I'm sure the majority of Highway Patrol officers are highly skilled, very experienced drivers letting a provisional driver loose in a pursuit car with a mandate to dictate their own speed is a real worry to me.

    I am surprised at someone being booked for 65 in a 60 zone and not slowing down fast enough, both of these I would fight. I understand that most manufactures claim +/- 10% accuracy for speedo's(?) so the 65 in a 60 hmm, the other one is just BS. When was the last time anyone heard of someone being booked for driving too slow (yes it's an offence) or for not keeping left unless overtaking?
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    I may be wrong and this might be an old wive's tale but I thought you had a bit of distance (100m?) to comply with the lower speed limit upon entering a lower speed zone.

    I've never pushed it too much and have not seen a revenue camera within this distance in Wodonga

    Mistareno might be able to shed some light on this.

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    .... weird one. I can recall spoting signs that say "70 ahead" when it chages from 90 - 70.... that goes too for other higher speeds, but not below 70.
    There is a section of major road here in silly road sydney that goes 60 to 70 then back to 60 then 40(school zone) and back to 3 lane 70 all visible from the bottom of the hill you do this on. Then were it opens to 3 lane 70 there is a speed camera a few meters down the road..... got to love KG drive.-chris
    ... ptui!

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