Europe losing its love for cars
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    Default Europe losing its love for cars

    In the CitroŽn forum "DS3S. Any experience with these?" I contrasted Tasie C5's enjoyment of driving with my French traffic induced utter boredom at the wheel. This is has just been put in perspective by a survey that hit the papers today. The findings were that the glamour has gone out of car ownership. Only 18% see a car as an object of prestige, for the rest - just a functional and useful object. 45% see it as a source of costs and pollution. Costs are now the dominant purchasing criterion. The survey organisation hired by Cetelem says that in ten years cars will be seen as just another form of transport, even as public transport as car sharing is becoming much more common. This is supported by 73% of those surveyed.
    Overall a quarter of Europeans don't plan to ever own a car (ranging from 30% in the UK to 14% in France).
    L?Observatoire Cetelem de l?Automobile dťcode la voiture du futur - Auto Infos (in French)
    Cetelem are one of the major suppliers of consumer credit including car leasing finance.


    Their view certainly seems to be reflected in the shifting pattern of car sales in which the volume spot seems to centre around Dacia (Old Continent car assemblers are too expensive to make much money) and where the German luxury car makers are seeing European market share falling away.

    It helps to understand why the DS range, aimed at the over-supplied 18% has its big marketing push in China where the proportion and absolute market numbers are much larger.

    It also explains why I prefer to drive older cars which remain a challenge in modern traffic conditions. The H van turns heads and evokes happy memories which no amount of marketing hype can replicate.
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    Spot on Gerry. I am one of the few drivers on Sydney roads with a smile on my dial, foot flat to the floor, trying to keep up with the traffic in my 2CV.

    The other drivers just look at me in disbelief. Probably thinking that they are doing a nice packaging job for nutcases these days, putting them in bright yellow Noddy cars.


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    The 2cv,reminds me of a very old metal rubbish bin complete with a bashed up lid that my father inlaw painted yellow, it even had a set of castor wheel's to make it mobile all it needed was a very old victa lawn mower engine and a pair of rear large victa puncture proof wheel's fitted with a rubber band for drive, forget 4 or 2 wheel drive, think positive single drive however depending which the way the wind was blowing and the local lads who were well established up and comming new breed of engineers up set the bin freaks (local council) decided it was best that the yellow bin minus the lid should be placed in the garden the tip garden, as the yellow bin aged so did the yellow paint, the bin lid ended up as a prop in some movie and used as some sort of shield, it was even used as a hat in another movie, some time ago the lid or the remains of the lid ended up in China only to be replaced as a Citroen DS3 far better than a CV2, some day soon the DS3s and its stable mates, and other brands will be lost, and the next generation ? will only wonder how we managed our transport requirements, so long live the CV2 and enjoy, maybe a look alike yellow plastic bin will pave its way into a system far advanced than what we ever expected, Citroen thanks for the lovely ride.

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