Took my customary monthly bush run today, and for being 10 minutes earlier than I usually am, saw a few interesting things:


  • a wallaby crossed my path coming out of Rawson, and a lyrebird too, within the space of the same kilometer, and saw a couple of kamikaze cyclists on the same road, too, a real bad idea at that hour of the day;
  • slightly reassuring -- saw the plods at work having pulled someone up on both the outbound and inbound legs of the trip;
  • a lot less reassuring was the fact that the first one I saw, just east? of Trafalgar was a Q-truck -- an unmarked blue-grey LandCrusher-ish 4WD with red-and-blues flashing all over it;
  • coming back (but I'm damned if I can remember exactly where it was!) along the Prince's Fwy out east somewhere, possibly around Gumbuya Park area at Tynong, a reasonably-intact-looking but unplated white 406 sedan had been pushed off the road into the grass for some reason and looked to be simply begging for further attention ...

Meant to pull it all out of the in-car video, only to get home and find out it didn't have an SD card in it today ... oh well ...