Rally with a difference.
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    Default Rally with a difference.

    This has to be good value; maximum car price under 100 pounds UK.
    Course Plymouth to Dakar, winner...uhhumm....Citroen BX 1.4
    And why did it win? It was the only car that didn't break down.
    Some interesting stuff on this site and some real strange vehicles that were in it.



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    Surprised though that Team Dick Dastardly & Mutely would take such a rare car (and maybe valuable car) on such an event .. read on.

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    " Team Dick Dastardly & Mutely was founded by Richard Densham & Clive Jones. The entry vehicle is a 1994 Citroen BX estate special. It was found in a car salvage yard with light damage to the front end, with only 64000 miles on the clock were it had been standing for the past two years. The vehicle is currently under going extensive under body protection to help it cope with the unforgiving terrain of the event. This vehicle was produced in very small numbers of which only 17 were imported into the UK and only 300 ever made. On the surface it looks just like any other Citroen BX estate but the mechanical specification is far from what you would expect to find on a vehicle of this nature. The purchase price of this vehicle was 100 however we estimate on the road price will increase to 230 after mot work road tax and general service parts." - Richard Densham
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