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    Default Shannons

    Shannons get a big vote from me for being thoroughly pleasant to deal with along with being the cheapest quote I had.

    Not Tuesday this week but the one before, my 505 GTDT got T-boned, not my fault and a nice lady promptly stopped and volunteered to be a witness. Car looked certain to be an uneconomical repair with bent B-pillar, bent sill, both door skins wrapped around the side intrusion bars but with remarkably an undamaged roof.

    Wednesday morning I started the claims process with Shannons, Wednesday afternoon I got the some photos to my repairer of choice (Casanova) who were happy to state it was an uneconomical repair.


    Thursday morning Shannons rang to say they'd got the quote from Casanova and so would need to send an assessor around to have a look so I booked one in for Friday morning.

    Friday morning the assessor agreed it was a loss and said salvage would be ~$400 but he'd need to get a quote from Pickles and as it was an auction day, it might wait until Monday. That afternoon he phoned to say he'd got the quote from Pickles at $300 for salvage and that I should here from the total loss people from then.

    By Wednesday I hadn't heard anything so rang up to see what was happening to find the cheque for agreed value minus salvage minus outstanding premium had been sent Monday which arrived today. Not sure about 5 days to send a cheque from presumably interstate but still, 8 business days from accident to settlement is pretty impressive in my book.

    So I'm one happy camper and would happily go through Shannons again.
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    Sad to hear that the 505 was totaled.....

    I have used Shannons for nearly 20 years and have found them to be a cut above the rest in service and price.
    (Three claims in 10 years and all dealt with quickly and professionally).
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