The following email has been sent to everyone who pre-booked their tickets for the ICCCR via the ICCCR E-Store.
A copy will be sent to the editors of UK Club magazines for publication to those who don't have t'Internet.
It is also being posted on the 2CVGB, CCC and French Car Forums. Copies will also be posted to relevant Yahoo Groups and on the 15th ICCCR Facebook pages.

"A big THANK YOU for your participation in what has been described as "The ICCCR that has set a new standard for others to follow".

Now that we have returned to normality - and the rain has started falling again in Harrogate - we have been working hard on post ICCCR activities.

Many of you have provided us with links to your collections of photographs, which we have published on the ICCCR web site under the "Post Event" menu ( If you have pictures you would like us to publish send us the link of your on-line photos on Flickr, PhotoBucket and Facebook.

We have also received many messages from attendees of the event - this feedback has been published on the ICCCR web site under the Post Event menu.

The final statistics have been updated on the ICCCR web site.

The ACI have published their report of the event which can be viewed on the ICCCR web site under the Post Event menu.

The range of merchandise has been expanded and is available from the ICCCR E-store.

The following aver now available from the ICCCR E-Store at :

"Original" T-Shirts with front and rear logo
- Blue
- Black

"Single Model" T-Shirts (2CV / DS / H-Van / Traction) in four different colours:
- Brown and White on Paprika (bright orangey red),
- Navy and White on Indigo (grey-ish blue),
- Orange and White on Black, NEW
- Blue and White on Black NEW

"Original" Pull-on hooded sweatshirts (front & rear Logo)
- Black
- Light navy blue


"Single Model" sweatshirts (no hood) (2CV / DS / H-Van / Traction) in four different colours:
- Brown and White on Paprika (bright orangey red),
- Navy and White on Indigo (grey-ish blue),
- Orange and White on Black, NEW
- Blue and White on Black NEW

Polo shirts:
- Black
- Bottle green
- Navy blue
- White
All of which come with an embroidered ICCCR logo on left chest and "CitroŽn" on right sleeve.

Additional Clothing NEW
A full range of Gents, Ladies and Children's clothing is available from our suppliers with the ICCCR Logo, any of the "Single Model" Logos. Their catalogue is here:

Email the estore ( the garment description & number, size and colour that you wish to order together with any additional wording, the "single model" logo you require and we will come back to you with a price for your garment.

NOTE: All of the above garments can be further customised with the addition of your own text - contact the E-Store with your requirements.

- Red/white
- Blue/white
with ICCCR Logo

Rally Plaque
with your own personalised number NEW

- "Keep Left" ICCCR Museum Mug NEW

Wrist Watches
"Single Model" Watches in four different types NEW

1/43 scale "limited edition" models
Model cars in four different models NEW

Wall Panels, Banners and Flags
- Museum Wall Panels NEW
- "Balard" "Single Model" CitroŽn Banners NEW
- Other banners and flags from all areas of the event NEW

Note: all banners, flags and museum wall panels are available in scaled-down versions (25%, 50%, 75% of the original size) at an appropriately scaled-down price!

Souvenir Book and DVDComing Soon!
Dan Fletcher and Nigel are "beavering away" editing the "Book of the 15th ICCCR" (expected to be 200 full colour A4 pages) and Jonathan Payens has "edited" his way through 31 hours of video..... and has a "1st cut" DVD which is just under 3 hours!

We had hoped to be able to publish the book and the DVD before Christmas, however these guys have full time jobs that need to be balanced with the demands of the ICCCR!

As soon as the book and the DVD are available, we will let everyone know.
You can expect, again, a new "standard" to be set!!!

Payment methods
Don't forget we have the following payment methods:
- UK bank transfer
- Sterling cheque
- PayPal
- EuroZone transfer ((EU & IRL) to our Äuro account in Belgium)

We would strongly advise that you do not pay using Bank Transfer (IBAN/SWIFT) from outside the UK as the charges that both parties have to pay are very high to both payer and payee and the exchange rate is poor.

ICCCR Roadshow
A limited range of merchandise will be available for purchase, or collection, at our stands at the following events.

- Classic Car Show, NEC, UK - November 2012
- Retromobile, Paris, France - February 2013
- TechnoClassica, Essen, Germany - April 2013
- CitroMobile, Amsterdam, Netherlands - May 2013
- 2CVGB 2013 Registers Day
- 2CVGB 2013 Annual Rally
- CCC 2013 Annual Rally
- TOC 2013 Annual Rally

plus other European and UK events.

Please check using the "Contact Us" on the website that the item you are interested in will be available.

We look forward to hearing from you!
ICCCR (2012) Ltd

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