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    Default Its a miracle

    Its a miracle for the first time in my life i have managed to sort out a problem with VIC ROADS with out having to go there in person with the car. I dropped in to the local VIC ROADS branch on my way home after work one night, i wanted to change my historic permit from 90 days to 45 days in the past i had found the only way to change any details successfully was to do it in person. imagine my surprise when i was told by the counter monkey that the only way to do this was to send in my renewal and fill out a new 45 day permit application as in go through the whole process again, at this point i thought stuff it i will stick with the 90 day permit. when i got home i start to think stuff it i dont want to pay for a permit i am not going to use. So against my better instincts i decide to try the VIC ROADS information number, the problem was sorted out in a couple of minutes,i just gave them the details over the phone and they sent me a 45 day permit

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    Sounds similar to when I wanted a permit to drive an unregistered car from Canberra to Cooma. The girl in the Cooma RTA told me I had to take the car to an inspection station and get a roadworthy certificate before they could issue a permit. No problem, but then she went on to explain that before I could take it to the inspection station I would need a permit, to get the permit the car would have to go to an inspection station?????????.......going around in circles. As the car had been previously registered in the ACT their roads people just asked me for the expired number plate details and gave me a permit on the spot.

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    Vicroads seems to LOVE the club permit schemes. You see all of the liability is back on the club. So rather than being the biggest scumbags possible there happy to just run the paperwork through. Last trailer I registered up there I was ready to back it through there windows and scream "JUST KEEP THE F$RKING THING..... " .... and never go back... The local vicroads place IMO absolutely defines the uselessness of government departments. The same people have been there for as long as I can remember. The simple reason is the arrogant useless sacks of sh!t couldn't get a job anywhere else.

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    The same people have been there for as long as I can remember.
    That’s how it goes in country towns.
    The few jobs with fairly legal working conditions and a good chance of always getting paid are reserved for friends and relatives … cronyism and nepotism.

    In the backblocks of Queensland there are council jobs like grading outback roads for six weeks per year that pay a full year’s wage.
    Those jobs are reserved for several generations in advance.
    You need a licence to operate a road grader, and so they always arrange that.
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