Hi - What do you do when No 1 daughter rings and says she can't open the boot on her car. When I got home from recent trip I checked it out. Couldn't open boot with key or in cabin release cable.

After accessing the boot through rear seat portal, and vigorous tapping of lock mechanism with long garden stake, and encouraging words!, finally opened boot with key in lock. I was starting to get stressed, because when you think about it, other than damagaing the boot panel there is no other way of opening the boot!!! I couldn't even undo the hinges, and if I could the lock would still be engaged anyway.

Upon investigation I found that a small M5 nut had come loose from 250mm above the boot catch, fallen down and had lodged in bottom of lock mechanism. All I had to do was remove the nut and everything worked perfectly again.


25 brownie point credit for later redemption. Pictures tell the story.

Image 1: See nut middle of frame jamming the release.
Image 2: lock removed and also location of stud with missing nut on mid right of frame, this surface is vertical when boot is closed.
Image 3: Screwdriver pointing to where nut jammed the mechanism with lock refitted.

Tricky Nut in Boot Latch.-dscn3845.jpgTricky Nut in Boot Latch.-dscn3841.jpgTricky Nut in Boot Latch.-dscn3851.jpg