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French Connection

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French Connection
David Cavanagh
Our workshop offers all types of repair work, from a service to a full rebuild.
With our new, second-hand and reconditioned parts supply
and knowledge, combined with a low labour rate, make us your one stop Renault, Peugeot and Citroen shop.

Constantly wrecking French vehicles.
New arrivals every week.

New & used parts can be sent world wide.

Please feel free to contact us for specific information.
[email protected]


Contact Details:

34 King St. Airport West, Victoria 3042, AUSTRALIA

1300 0 FRENCH

Phone: (03) 9338 8191

Fax: (03) 9335 4002

[email protected]




We provide:

* Engine change over/rebuild
* Second-hand or Re-conditioned Parts
* Full service
* Vehicle Restorations
* Low labour rate





Car Restorations

At French Connection, we pride ourselves on restoring beautiful, classic cars to their original condition.

We have been involved in car restorations for over fifteen years and we have a range of resources and a wealth of experience at our disposal.
Over the years, our projects have included many different and unique automobiles, like the Renault 750.

For further information and advice about car restoration please contact us:
[email protected]