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Thread: DecidedlySpecial reformation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasya View Post
    Just on this Matthew, we're currently in the planning stages for the paint job for my wifes Special too, and I've never seen a Special roof that a) wasn't painted, or b) wasn't in good enough fibre glass pigmented colour to get an idea of it's real colour and surface effect. I take it yours is? If I was after the original effect have you any ideas how to obtain this? (Or in fact anyone else?).


    My roof is pigmented white, it's not painted as such... hence the satin appearance. The Cornaline has surprised me a bit... it changes a lot depending on the light, I like it a lot.



    Have be a look at this thread I posted a while back when I polished the roof... made quite a difference. You can see the chalky look of the weathered roof on the left.

    DS Pigmented roof polish


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotrodelectric View Post
    Have a look at I think of that site as one of the best for your question. Also, if you are able to talk your bodyshop into it, you can have color test panels painted. You will spend some money going this route. They're usually large enough you can compare against your main color and see what you like. Darrin at Citroen Classics will be helpful, too.
    I have bookmarked and I've been chewing over colours for years, virtually settled on Bordeaux and I was going to have a black roof, however…

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