Tempted to get a Xsara2 VTS 2 door and wreck the auto 5 door which is pretty much a dud electrically, lightly hail damaged and not really worth selling.


The fresh AL4 transmission I'll keep as a spare for the DPO in Kirsty's Megane (only the bellhousing and diff ratio is different), and any common Xsara2 electrical things (Comm2000, BSI, brakes, maybe a window motor etc). Will keep stuff I want to store to a minimum, sell as much as I can.

Which leaves things like a low kms rear beam, VTS steering rack and a perfect EW10 motor with a fresh belt/pump on it. Set of alloys, struts, all sorts of things. And maybe a couple of hundred for the shell as scrap.

Trying to work out if it's worth the bother. Comments/suggestions?