'Celia' C2 "blameless" - Retraction
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    Default 'Celia' C2 "blameless" - Retraction

    Have lost track of the timing - roughly late last February - I posted a comprehensive denunciation of my wife's 2008 C2, which had disgraced itself many kilometres and many hundreds of dollars from Hornsby home while returning from a family funeral on the NSW South Coast.
    I now wish to retract my harsh condemnation of said conveyance, and greatly qualify the 'evidence'.
    To recap, the Citroen made a clumsy start to the journey from Hornsby to Bermagui, displaying an offensive fault-code and text to the effect that the gearbox was about to self-destruct.
    Against Janet's (the wife) wishes, I insisted she 'reboot', and the 'problem' retreated until about halfway, when the car lost power and seemed to be overheating, causing us to pull over, being almost tailgated in the process. After a brief stop 'Celia' (the C2) seemed to recover, and we went on to Broulie, then Narooma and ultimately Bermagui late that night.
    Returning from Bermagui after the family 'wake', the problems reasserted themselves, and by Kiama Downs the car refused to go an inch (cm?) further, emitting noises which could only be described as "death rattles", and emitting some appalling sulphurous odours. This was a Saturday morning, and from our lack of success for about 90 minutes on our two mobiles, apparently not a good season for tow truck operators.
    When we got sorted, an all-up lift home to Hornsby cost $400. The C2 had made a final petulant gesture, by locking itself in 'Drive', and fighting every effort to haul it on the tilt-tray short of laying a carpet of marbles and greasing the front wheels. That alone cost us a further 40 minutes
    So - the denouement (old french word for washup/result) : our mechanic is great, but not a Citroen specialist; he has all the 'gear', without the 'knack'.
    It appears that when renewing spark plugs, the coil packs had not been tightened down adequately (therefore apparently not well-enough earthed).
    The first lesson I have learned, is that when faced with what appears to be a catastrophic fault, instead of assuming a really pernicious problem (as in eg a cracked cylinder head, say) think more a very ordinary issue - as perhaps with a T model Ford - perhaps a loose wire or less.
    The bad news here, though, is that most likely(inevitably) you will need to get it to a factory-qualified dealer for attention, and my cynical nature tells me that was the cunning plan all along. So inevitably the cure for ordinary mortals will be expensive. I cannot believe this is coincidence.
    So, the C2 escapes condemnation "on points". To me, the "Cosa Nostra" technology and factory service system, is another thing entirely I spoke recenly to a man who owned a Peugeot 207, only a few months old, and his car failed him due to slightly low battery voltage. That cost him money too.
    But summing up, I have to admit we are once more learning to trust : as I write, we are once more in Narooma for our 10th wedding anniversary, having brought the C2. The return journey is ahead of us in the morning, but at this stage, all the signs are good.


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    Ahh, I see, trying to appease the C2 deity when attempting the same road, after denouncing it some months previous.
    Nice (and interesting) to know there are those who consider this forum a conduit to that very deity.

    Good luck on your journey, I hope that all is forgiven.
    Consider other means of appeasement, just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 306cabmad View Post
    I spoke recenly to a man who owned a Peugeot 207, only a few months old, and his car failed him due to slightly low battery voltage. That cost him money too.
    Curious, as the 207 battery enjoys a 2 year warranty and the car itself is entitled to 3 years roadside assistance. Can you elaborate?


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    Good to hear the problem was 'explained'.
    I've had a 2006 C2VTR since new and never a problem.
    I have always taken it to the dealer who sold it to service it.
    I have had no reason to think the yearly service costs are expensive.

    My other cars are 40yr old DS's x2 (service every 6,000mls) and a 50yr old Mini (service every 2,000 mls), so in context the service costs on a (10,000kms) C2 service/download/upload/etc. are nix.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your C2 (and take it to a quality Citroen dealer when needed).
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