DS - assistance sought to put car back together!
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    Default DS - assistance sought to put car back together!

    I got my ID21 Safari back from the panel beater's last week. The old girl is now in storage, just waiting to be put back together. She is driveable and all mechanicals have been sorted, just lots of fiddly bits left to finish it off.

    As of yesterday I am unemployed and I can't afford to keep the car in storage for more than a couple of months, so I need to get cracking with putting everything back together so that I can get her registered.

    Is there anyone out there who could assist me in putting it back together? (I'm a novice when it comes to this kind of stuff, and if I tried to do it myself, I'd be sure to break something. Even if I didn't, I wouldn't get things to fit corrrectly, and after all the money I've pumped into this car, I want it to be as perfect as possible.)

    The car is in storage in a large clean workshop in Bayswater, and all work is able to be undertaken at that location.

    I would be happy to pay an hourly rate for anyone who has the time available to help me with all the fiddly jobs like putting the doors (i.e. internals), headlight boxes, guards and rear tailgate back together.

    Despite having a nice new shiny paintjob, the car also has some issues with panel fit/gaps, so if anyone can help with getting them spot on...


    Oh and I'm looking for a full set of trim bits if anyone can help - roof rack, roof rail trims, rear taillight housings (badly discoloured after a failed attempt to clean them!), interior door handles and right-hand-side outer door handles, sill trims etc.

    Brendon Grail
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    Some of us who are too far away would still like to help if we can.

    So don't hesitate to ask here, with pictures or even PM if you want, see what we can do.

    You would be amazed how much I've learned from this website by asking and posting pictures and you will also be amazed as to what you can do yourself with a DS.

    Good luck
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    View it as a large Meccano set. You can do a lot yourself if you plan ahead a little and study the manual and parts book to see how it all goes together. Start by tracking down what's missing. For example, you will want the rubbers that go between the headlight glass and the body, plus the rubbers behind the indicator lamps. These are inexpensive, but you need to get them so you can do the job.

    The front guards need to come off to fit the headlight buckets and glass. The factory manual has a lot of measurements for setting up the panels, but you will probably need a selection of shims for that job. Maybe, start a thread on the process and ask when you need direction?

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    Default Support equipment.


    Some blankets and cusions and a large table to put the front wings and doors on (since they have to have the nice new paint down while fiddling with lights, window winders etc.) is a necessity. The assembled wings can be stored on the floor under the table while you fight with other things. Also useful is soft nylon rope for stopping panels from sliding off the table and keeping the bonnet up out of the way.

    The tail light housings are polished aluminuim, not plated (at least not on my safari) so should be able to be polished sucessfully by someone who has the knack. That can wait until you're getting paid again!

    The roofrack has to go on before the headlining goes in from memory, I do have some roofrack parts, but I'm not sure if there is a complete set.

    Do you have the correct parts book? The diagrams are good and the parts lists detailed enough for identification of bolts etc. Be aware that M5 bolts are used a lot and might not be easy to get (find someone with bolts in buckets from wrecking GS!)

    Panel gap settings are in the manuals, along with many many instructions on how to stop it leaking, (which won't happen unless you're very dilligent- D's leak...)

    Best of luck with it.


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