Sunday 12th of August, 2012


For those who have never done the PCCV day at DECA I can whole heartedly recommend it as a hoot.

The day consist of a Motorkhana at the Driver Education Centre of Australiaís (DECA) Wanganui Rd complex in Shepparton and optional laps DECA's circuit.


It's all on wet/dry asphalt and the motorkhana alone is great fun but the laps on the circuit are absolutely fantastic and it's undulating nature will really help you get to know your cars handling on the limit.

The day is great for any car and the circuit isn't a power circuit by any stretch, so even those in older cars can still be competitive. I think I was top 5 in my old Fuego the last time I went several years back and it probably had less power than most of the other cars.

There is usually a few minutes waiting in the transitions between the the Motorkhana Pad and Track which is great to socialise and embellish your previous heroics on the track.

This really is a great day and a credit to the PCCV for the way it is organised. I'm just glad I have a Frenchy again now so I can enter it again.

The most legal fun you can have in your Frenchy