2003 C5 HDi engine miss/hunt
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    Default 2003 C5 HDi engine miss/hunt

    Greetings! First post!

    I have purchased a second-hand 2003 C5 HDi that appears to be very very tidy in all respects. 150,000kms approx on it.

    However when at idle with the auto trans in park, the tacho will dip slightly every second or so, giving a little "hunt" or "miss".

    This is also be heard when listening to the exhaust note, brrrrbumpbrrrrrrbumpbump etc.

    Under gentle power-on driving conditions at low speed 40km/hr ish, it is also felt through the vehicle, and feels like auto-transmission surging.

    Simultaneously, there is a whistle/peep sound from the engine compartment which is not noticeable at first, but once you know what you are listening for it can be heard while standing some 20 meters from the car.

    It appears I should get the fault diagnosed professionally, but any suggestions in the meanwhile?

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    Not sure. Perhaps a vacuum leak from one of the MANY vacuum hoses in the engine bay. But then why would it surge?


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