Thanks everyone for your help last year.
Finally today I decided the time had come to swap over the front spheres for a couple of spare ones. The spares were ones I picked up at the wreckers about 2 years ago. I built a pressure tester back then, and it works a treat. These replacement spheres are of the double diaphragm type, and tested to be holding 50 bar.
I had come to believe the front ones, that went in in August 2010, were now not working as they should.
With your help I was able to use a procedure that actually helped me to de-pressurise the VSX suspension system. I was not sure that it had worked, but as soon as I started to loosen the front spheres I could tell the pressure had gone. They just easily spun off. The new ones went on. Simple. Just hand tight.
I tested the removed ones, both now reading 20bar. Originally they had been 45 bar.

Back to the fantastic ride that only a Citroen Hydraulic system can give.

Thanks again everyone.


Cheers...George 1/8th