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    Icon5 DS BVH parking brake

    Hi, my DS21 BVH parking brake is useless. It may just need adjustment - an interesting task I understand!

    It may need new pads - I have some good S/H ones.
    I have a factory manual and a copy of the Haynes, but neither lists how to change the pads. I have a good drawing of the unit and its bits but still don't understand how the pads are retained. I am hoping that I don't need to take the calipers off.

    Both manuals show only the cable for a LHD car. Is there an accessible adjustment for our RHD models?

    All bright ideas are most welcome.


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    Hi Don

    I know the manual has got an adjustment screw at the firewall, but can't remember if the handbrake cable on the BVH can be adjusted. I would suggest that you adjust the brakepads at the caliper, a thin 14mm spanner should fit in there to adjust the screw that pushes against the brakepad.

    The only way I know to replace the handbrakepads is unfortunately loosen the handbrake caliper and lift it off/away from the brake disc. PITA job!!

    Best of luck
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