Horses (or Dís) for courses.
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    Default Horses (or Dís) for courses.

    Horses (or Dís) for courses

    After fixing and accumulating a number of old cars over many years we are lucky to be able to choose which one to drive.
    Janetís 1974 Pallas í23 Auto was in storage mood till our latest í74 D Special spat the dummy re the starter motor. Lance at DS Motors has been diligently giving the car a thorough service apart from this job and I thought Iíd paint the air filter which was looking a bit tardy,
    So while the Special has been out of action and winter (the best we can do in the sub-tropics) has set in we have been enjoying the í23 Automatic (Borg Warner) around town. It comes into its own in the cold weather being nice and warm and so cozy - - - and of course the easiest of all Dís to drive.

    The other car which I have been working on is a 1968 ID19B which someone down the track worked on a lot adding Pallas bits etc. I call it our celebration D Model as it kind of has the best of everything. We took it to Warwick recently and it performed beautifully over the 200 mile approximately round trip. It is not as long legged as the long stroke motors which I find the best ďon the open roadĒ but it comes close with the 19B higher than usual 4th gear.
    So yes, we are lucky to have a car for every type of road and if something is going to keep us a bit close to the wind financially we find itís ďkind of worth itĒ.

    Below is that ditty I did some time ago and is probably still relevant enough.


    D's - a point of view - - - Nov '94
    Is it the unique beauty, the absolute craziness, or just sheer enjoyment of a smooth ride that urges one into wanting to discover every facet of this intricate family of cars.
    Is it, when changing into fifth gear of a ' 74 DS23, feeling like you're on a runway, and forever believing,
    the wheels are about to --- lift off .
    Or having the satisfaction of the plush interior, comfort, and ride of a ' 71 DS21 Hydraulique on the highway,
    a gearchange so smooth that it is joy itself.
    An ID19 1961, the extra soft ride, the torque of the long stroke motor and the heavy flywheel that,
    when being wound out, is asking to be driven faster ----- ever faster.
    Or a classic ' 57 DS19 with its no fuss exterior and a strange hydraulic gear change that makes you realize that a "true" Citroen can't change any other way,
    and when, about to walk away, you are struck down by the sheer simplicity and beauty of a dashboard which would echo its way through an ever changing world and come to its final resting place in a long distant relative,
    the GS
    A 1974 DS23 Automatic Pallas making city driving - - - - sheer joy.
    Or the year 1967, when it all seemed to reach a peak.
    Chrome buttons and switches on the "slopy" dash which was to enjoy only one more year before
    "modernisation" definitely set in.
    Plush carpets, stainless steel kick plates and valences, leather and cloth which showed pride in workmanship,
    in a company which was about to conform slowly to the wants of an evermore changing society.
    Music on, and just -------- just thinking, one could drive, on and on -------- and on.
    Through the dazed eyes of an addict, John Paas.
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    And so I have been helped in the other thread with the renewing of the sound deadener under the bonnet of the 1974 D Special.

    It's a pretty clean Special so I like to be kind to it.

    I don't love this car as much as I do the '67 & "68 but look at it as our "modern" wheels and it certainly is that. It's the sort of car that a novice could own and thoroughly enjoy.

    The 4th gear isn't really high enough but then it is how you look at it. We're taking Janet's Mum up to Mt Tambourine this Sunday and for "the mountains I find the Special very suitable - - bit like a Traction.

    So I look forward to it. After so many years I never tire of these, what are now, "quite old cars".

    Many out there know just what I mean, have fun, John

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    I've always liked that poem of yours, John. Experiences, memories and lust (love) for the D through the years of its life and of your times with them.

    Stay classy.

    1972 SM
    1989 BX 16 Valve

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    Default a fast run

    A bit strange seeing my twin brother's thoughts on a thread. Last Saturday, Castlemaine was host to the CCOCA Aus Traction. Some beautiful Tractions. I believe we had 3 Big 6's. Some lovely D's, 2CV's and some modern Citroens. The weather was to "to kill for"; frosty nights and cool sunny days. I had already planned to go to the Echuca Steam Rally, so I chose my 1973 '23 5 speed. Leaving at 8am at below zero temperature, the demister quickly cleared the windscreen and the car was heated to a warm temperature. Into 5th gear and we keep to the speed limit taking advantage of the 110kph before we hit Bendigo. A very comfortable trip, arriving just before 9.30am. I drove the car onto the main oval so it would be "on show". Amazing to see such a variety of cars. I was between the Studebaker "Bullet" and a fire red FJ. I couldn't help myself! A little kid was looking at the car and I said, "do you want to see it go up? Started the engine and pulled the lever to high. I lifted the bonnet to get the stand out and fit it to the peg and drop the lever and stood next to the car. "Do you want to see the wheels go in the air'? -- and ofcourse just as I say this --up they go. Ofcourse by this time I have quite a crowd around the car. I tell them that this is my 'Road Car", not as beautiful as some of the DS's that the young blokes are doing up. A family man that has yearned to have one, wants to know all about it .He's fascinated to know that it has done outback travel in the Kimberley up to Kalumburoo and across the centre of Australia on the Gunbarrel Highway.I do this display a few times through the day and hope that one of these kids will one day be a Citroen enthusiast. Yes, the '23 5speed is my modern car. When I do the "drive on 3 wheels" trick in the ID they say "but do you know there's one with turning headlights." Actually that was the comment I heard as I turned out of the oval to leave the 2012 Echuca Steam Rally Michael

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    Michael, here is the photo of the '23 out there somewhere and a few words of the day we got it out the shed after you did the fix job.

    Towed her gently out with the old Landrover. He put 'er into 2nd and started 'er down the gentle slope in gear. Drove a bit - -
    put the clutch in and braked and the clutch - - UNSTUCK.
    Michael was smiling. Took 'er down the road and back 'an she looked a treat - -
    all dusty - - even with one guard off - - "She's a beauty".
    He remenisced about what a wonderful car she's been and maybe the only D to do the Gunbarrel Highwayway out Kimberley way.

    The Head got hot towing a load about 3 years ago and after Michael had it cleaned up, the 23 -5 speed Pallas sat in the shed, next to the grey Fergi tractor for about 3 years and Michael sometimes wondered whether he'd ever get
    it back together, after moving 1200 miles away and us buying the old farm. - -
    So it was pure joy.

    Yesterday, Janet and I took her mother for a day drive 100 mile & back to see the restumping progress on the old farm as the white ants had been chewing away
    at it for years. The '68 Safari cruised as usual but to see the 5 speed slip away made adrenelin run as it has many times before - - - dealing with these wonderful cars.
    Stopped "for a latte" to see the circus in Noosa and cruised home.

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