MAF on 2006 C5 2.0L diesel
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    Default MAF on 2006 C5 2.0L diesel

    Has anyone had issues with the MAF on C5 2.0L 2006 Diesel.
    Mine has 112.000ks on the clock and can't get top end power.
    Checked EGR, cleaned the MAF with cleaner, better.
    Am thinking of changing the MAF, would it need remapping-car is stock standard


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    How do you know its the maf, are you getting fault codes i had a car which would play up every 3 to 4 weeks it spent more time back in the agents some 14 months yes 14 months it was never recitfied.They change everything .In the end it had to go.Try french car care for results they are in Briesbane

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    For the engines with RHR in the VIN, look at the vacuum lines across the front of the engine and in particular the y-piece. If it is cracked or broken, the car will be gutless because there will be little or no turbo boost. As it's new to you, it may have been down on power before you acquired it. You can repair a broken y-piece using suitable tube/connectors (washer jet hose fittings work) instead of buying a new vacuum pipe set.

    Check the rubber air hoses at the front of the engine for oil leakage, which could indicate a cut or split. If one of these is leaking, then you could be losing turbo boost. You would probably also see smoke that is sootier than it should be in this case because the engine will inject too much fuel for the available boost.

    It's also possible that the catalyst and/or FAP are simply blocked. A forced regeneration can be performed by the dealer and that might clear it. Sometimes, there is material in the FAP that will not burn off and the only solution is replacement or an attempt to clean it by reverse flushing. None of these is a DIY job - the forced regeneration poses a fire risk if you do not know what you are doing and an attempt to flush it would release material that should not be in the home environment.

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